Throwback Thursday – 100 Years

This weekend we’ll be officially celebrating our farm’s 100th Anniversary. We’ve learned more about the family that moved here in 1913 through their photos and diaries. One of the photos that took our breath away is of Daniel Olson, who moved his family from Iowa to Minnesota in 1913. This photo had to have been taken around the time they moved to our farm, or not long before they left Iowa, based on the age of the boy (Silas Olson) in the photo…which makes this particular photo over 100 years old. We are super thankful that someone labeled the back of this photo, or we would have never known who it was!

Daniel Olson and Silas
Daniel Olson and Silas

It has been an awesome journey to learn more about the family that I married into. There is a definite humor gene that has been passed down from generation to generation! There are also traits that have been passed down, such as hospitality, compassion, a good work ethic, to name a few. My digging into the Olson family history will not be done once the last guest leaves on Saturday. There are too many questions that need to be answered!

So, my public service announcement, once again, is to take tons of photos of you family…and don’t forget to label them for future generations!

Author: Carolyn Olson

I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. In 1988, I married my best friend, and moved to the farm. Jonathan and I have three daughters, and will soon have a son-in-law! I love life on the farm, and wouldn't trade it for anything!

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