Fun Fact Friday – Grandma Myrtle’s Time at S.A.U.M

We found one of Grandma Myrtle’s diaries from her time at S.A.U.M. We had no idea what those letters stood for, but we knew it was close to Luther Seminary in St Paul, MN. Then, we found photo albums from her time there…mystery solved! Grandma Myrtle and Grandpa Nuel attended the School of Agriculture at the University of Minnesota in St Paul! Nuel was a freshman in 1916-1917, and Myrtle was a freshman in 1920.

First page of Myrtle's Diary - notice the date
First page of Myrtle’s Diary – notice the date

Grandma’s diary also mentions going to Luther Seminary to attend Vespers, going to volleyball and basketball practice at the YWCA, and which boys walked her home. The photos in her album include many of the “Cottonwood Bunch”, and the girls she would hang out with. I was pretty excited to find this photo of the campus from her time there:

S.A.U.M circa 1920
S.A.U.M circa 1920

The joy we have found in reading Myrtle’s diaries, looking through her photo albums, and Nuel’s photo albums has made me a little more resolved to take more photos…and to label them! What we think is mundane, some day our descendents will find fascinating!

My absolute favorite line from Myrtle’s diaries was on the bottom of the page at the end of her first year at S.A.U.M:

So far so good...
So far so good…


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