It’s Quiet…Kind Of

Tuesday morning I drove Jonathan, Laura, and cousin Denise to the airport for their missions trip to Tanzania, Africa. There are 18 people on this trip, mostly from two churches in Southwest Minnesota. They have been planning this trip for almost a year (or so it seems), and were really looking forward to finally seeing what they had been talking about for so long. Laura informed her college professors on the first day of classes about her trip, and had been trying to get a lot of work done ahead of time. They were definitely ready to go when it came time to load up the van.

While Laura was writing her 4 papers and giving a presentation, Jonathan was writing notes and making phone calls. We counted the other night, and I believe he has 20 people (including me) lined up for things. It is amazing how many people he has contact with in any given week. He wrote out instructions for the guy hauling the seed soybeans, the guy doing our pig chores, and for me. He sent emails to a few more people, trying to keep them in the loop.  Right before we arrived at the airport, he handed me his cell phone. Gulp.

Here is what I am responsible for keeping up with:

My house is empty right now, so it should be quiet, right? It is for the most part. I have already needed to check the cheat sheets a few times to go over instructions or changes of plans with a few people. The recurring thought I have is, “I should have asked more questions!”  I am pretty worried that I am going to screw up the paperwork that has to accompany every truck load of seed, and that I will miss the barn alarm’s phone call.

I am so thankful that Jonathan and Laura have the opportunity to do some short term missions work. I am also thankful that Jonathan has enough faith in me and my ability to run things here that he didn’t hesitate to say yes, I will go.

Truthfully, I am thankful that it isn’t so quiet around here…but I will be so happy when Jonathan and Laura come home!

Jonathan & Laura, shortly after arriving in Tanzania…after over 20 some hours of travel.