Throwback Thursday – A Bit of Old Family Fun

I’m pretty thankful for the humor that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Olson family. I came from a long line of pun loving people, and married into a family that enjoys laughter as much as I. It makes life a lot more pleasant when you can laugh at your mistakes, or just simply enjoy a good joke.

This photo is of Jonathan’s Uncle Bob, Aunt Fern, and his dad, Kenny. Kenny is the little one in the bicycle basket. I love this photo. The look of joy on all the faces, and the fact that the baby brother is in the basket is not at all surprising if you had the privilege to know their mom, Jonathan’s Grandma Myrtle. She was a fun loving, spunky lady.

Uncle Bob, Aunt Fern, and Kenny
Uncle Bob, Aunt Fern, and Kenny

So, if you get tired of us having a Pollyanna attitude, or of us joking around, I’m not totally sorry. I invite you to join in on the fun! Life if much better when you can laugh.

Author: Carolyn Olson

I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. In 1988, I married my best friend, and moved to the farm. Jonathan and I have three daughters, and will soon have a son-in-law! I love life on the farm, and wouldn't trade it for anything!

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