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Cousins – Then and Now

There is a photo from a family gathering years ago that both my mom and I just love. We have no idea what prompted the pose – if it was just a quick there they are lets take their photo moment, or if we were told to pose there. However the photo came about, it is one of my favorites.


Connie, Judy, Carolyn, Pam

Connie, Judy, Carolyn, Pam

I want you all to notice how my outfit, socks, and shoes match. I still like matching shoe colors to outfits.

At our family reunion this past weekend, we chartered a bus to take us around to the places where our Grandparents lived. Two lawn chairs made the trip with us.


Connie, Judy, Carolyn, Pam

Connie, Judy, Carolyn, Pam

We had an awesome time at our reunion weekend. I loved hanging out with my cousins, and look forward to the next get together.

Now, however, it is back to reality. Wheat harvest starts this afternoon. I am pretty sure I will be thinking over conversations and laughing to myself while I’m sitting in the combine. Oh, how I love my family!


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