Christmas Joy

We had a great Thanksgiving at my sister’s. The weather was great, so we didn’t have to worry about icy roads. That is always a plus when traveling over 5 hours!

I participated in the Facebook thing of counting down to Thanksgiving by posting something you were thankful for each day. I have been missing out on the intentional daily reflections that would help me focus on what I was thankful for.  So, I think I will continue the practice. Only I can’t call it Thanksgiving Thankfuls…  Maybe the Christmas Joy’s? I’ll take suggestions for a catchy name!

My challenge for you, the few who actually read this, is to post on your Facebook pages or in your own blogs about something that has brought you joy that day…or just in general makes your heart happy.

My Joy for the day: Having Jonathan give me 30 minutes of his time to do anything inside the house that I wanted him to do. Thanks for taking out all the trash, honey! 🙂

P.S. The house is smelling really good right now…I’m making a new bread recipe called Sour Cream Bread. It is supposed to make great grilled sandwiches and french toast. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Author: Carolyn Olson

I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. In 1988, I married my best friend, and moved to the farm. Jonathan and I have three daughters, and will soon have a son-in-law! I love life on the farm, and wouldn't trade it for anything!

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  1. I am thankful for my cousin who takes the time to write down her thoughts and the happenings in her life. Being able to express your thoughts in writing like you do is a true gift for which you can be thankful!

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